Who We Are

We are a team of designers, engineers, and tinkerers working on the exciting challenge of creating impactful changes in the user experience of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR) technologies. Our lab members hail from multiple disciplines, and we are proud to represent students from graphic design, industrial design, computer science, and electrical and electronics engineering.

What We Do

The lab vision is to push the boundaries of VR/AR technology into new opportunities for commercialization and wide adoptive use. One might say that success for the MxRLab can be measured in filed patents with the university. This is partially true. The lab is dedicated to exploring new ideas, technologies, and usage for VR/AR always through the lens of final commercialization. That is to say, “What is the real value here for the average end consumer?” In the event that projects are taken on that do not propose an end market with a large user base, special consideration will be made to investigate what other impact the project might have beyond traditional commercialization strategies. While the lab does not want to limit itself, it should be clear that this is NOT a traditional academic space, free from the practical demands that are more often found in industry.

One of the mantras for the MxRLab is that, “We can never truly know something until we build it.” In this space, mockups are never a final deliverable. This is not to say that traditional mockups and prototyping will not happen in this space. Much of the methods and approaches we take come from the long rich history of DESIGN. However, the lab’s goal is to never be satisfied until we actually make the “thing” we are set out to do. Hacking, improvising, mimicry, and deconstruction approaches are all allowed!

Selected Projects

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