2016 – 2018

Team Members: Payod Panda, Vaikunth Raghavan, Derek Ham

Tags: VR, Education

Panoform is a low-fidelity VR creation tool with the aim to democratize VR creation. Panoform gives people the ability to be creators, rather than just consumers of VR content. It converts planar sketches into 360 panoramas which can be viewed on any device with web access. Enabling VR mode on a device that supports it (such as any modern smartphone with an inexpensive Google cardboard) immerses the user in the drawing they created. This enables them to view their sketch from a first-person perspective rather than third-person. The Panoform system consists of the web tool and some grids based on an equirectangular mapping of a cuboidal grid on a sheet of paper. The user can sketch on one of several grids we offer to use as a guide, or sketch on plain paper, then upload a photo of this sketch to our service to view in 360 panorama. Panoform has been used extensively by primary and middle schools in the US as well as internationally as a way of inculcating spatial thinking in learners.

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